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Whitehall No Dog Poop Yard Sign

Whitehall No Dog Poop Yard Sign


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A "No Poop" sign is a good idea to install in your yard if you frequently experience dog owners allowing their dogs to defecate on your lawn and not cleaning up after them. This can be unsanitary and unpleasant, and a sign can serve as a clear reminder to dog owners to be responsible and clean up after their pets. Additionally, if you have young children who play in the yard, you may want to discourage dogs from using your yard as a bathroom to minimize health risks.

  • Sign is made from durable sand-cast aluminum alloy
  • Finished in all-weather powder coat paint in choice of 4 colors
  • Dimensions 9.2" x 5"
  • Single unit construction for easy install with lawn-piercing stake
  • Made in USA

Please allow about seven days for delivery.

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